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Most of us have experienced toxic masculinity in some form. Unaddressed toxic masculinity leads to a variety of issues for all of society. That being said, pushing back on toxic masculinity is not an attack on men. It’s an attack on behavior. Men are allowed and justified to feel angry at times, however, using a position of power to wield anger without consequences is not behavior we want. We also acknowledge that men face serious issues (such as high suicide rates), but it is important to understand that the issues men face in society are not tied to the push back on toxic masculinity (oftentimes referred to as “the emasculation of men”), and instead linked to the social alienation that is perpetrated by the systems upheld by toxic masculinity.
We will continue sourcing hilarious content and making jokes surrounding toxic masculinity, but our attention, profits, and efforts will go towards also educating and combating the issue. Having fun and tackling serious issues are not mutually exclusive.

We strive to educate others

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